by Stewart Dickson

This is a program for converting an STL geometrical object description file to one of the Open Inventor file format.

Program Command Usage

fromstl [options] infile.stl outfile.iv Options:

The infile.stl is assumed to be of the STL format.

fromstl -w (weld) option will remove redundant vertices at each common edge and produce welded Open Inventor IndexedFaceSet nodes on output.

The optional floating-point number after the -w option is the welding resolution, or the distance below which vertices will be considered identical.

Without specifying the welding resolution, fromstl will dynamically set the effective welding resolution to be one-half the length of the shortest polygon edge it encounters.

fromstl reports the value of the effective welding resolution after conversion to allow the user to fine-tune this value, if necessary.

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